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“The tutorial videos via what’s app were so beneficial. As a parent that does not play an instrument it was easy to follow and to help Joshua practice each night and morning.”
Karen, mum to Joshua
"Really impressed by the collaborative atmosphere - the warm relationships between kids and staff, the structured sessions working together and supporting each other as well as free time for kids to just jam with each other.”
Liz, mum to Owen
“Eric enjoyed the team and expanding his learning, it was good to hear children get to have their say in the songs selected, etc.”
Miglena, mum to Eric
The girls said their favourite bit was … “ getting to know new people outside their normal guitar group, having fun and the concert. Coming up with a band name!”
Andy, dad to Alyth & Grace


Summer Camp Glasgow Guitar Academy

Our holiday camp programmes are designed to educate and inspire young musicians. We bring young people together to make music, make friends and make memories.  

Held over the course of six days at various locations across Glasgow, guitar workshops are delivered by our highly experienced PVG certified Tutors who will teach them all the basics of the guitar even if you’ve never held one before. After just one week our campers are able to play a few simple songs which they perform at our family & friends concert.

  • Guitar hire is included 
  • Learn guitar technique like stumming, chords & basic music theory
  • Play together as part of a ‘rock band’
  • Perform at our concert building confidence and self esteem
  • Develop important skills like teamwork, leadership & listening