Welcome to our piano studio!

Children's piano lessons

Welcome to our pioneering piano studio, where we offer programmes designed for young people of all ages and ability levels. Our experienced instructors use a student-centred approach, creativity and artistry, and scaffolding skills to help your child master the piano, build confidence and make new friendships. 

Join our six-week ‘Intro to Piano’ course for beginners! Expertly designed to take your child from the basics of piano to playing their first song in just 6 weeks. Our experienced instructors will guide them through the fundamentals of rhythm, tempo, dynamic, and technique.

  • 6 x 45-min small group lessons
  • Access to our community hub after lessons
  • Free ‘practice pad’ hire for home practice
  • Comprehensive course curriculum resources
  • Supporting tutorial videos for home practice
  • Certificate of achievement


We exist to bring young people together to learn, create and connect through music.

Our group workshops provide the perfect environment to build confidence, boost self-esteem, make new friends and become fabulous musicians. All under the watchful guidance of our awesome tutors and educators, who don’t just ‘teach’, but mentor our young musicians, supporting them to learn lifelong transferrable skills.


Our curriculum has been exclusively designed for us by a guitar expert, and consists of an innovative Guitar Strap system, enabling our students to work their way up and earn bespoke guitar straps as they progress.

We track student progress against milestones outlined in our curriculums, and evaluate this regularly. We also rely on regular feedback from parents and students as well as teacher evaluations.


Twice a year, we bring our entire Academy together for epic professional concert performances!

As professional musicians ourselves, we know how special it is to be part of powerful musical experience. We want our young people to feel what it’s like to perform on stage right, and our concerts gives them a taste of what it’s like to rock the big stage!